Employees of Angels Service LLC

Checking my Timecard



This is your starting screen where you can see schedule and caseload information. If you want to see your schedule for a week or month at a time this would be the place.

Click on my profile and then click view *special note; end date is NOT included in pay period

You will be able to see that we run the reports every 7 days. Friday to Thursday and we pay every other Thursday. This means that for each PAYDAY; you will have two reports. :)

The Total hours you see listed her is the total hours you spent with clients in sessions!

**"Travel time and other premiums ARE NOT SUMMARIZED ON THIS LINE!!!!

After you click view you will get your report page. 

*The visit date, start and end time are based on what is on the client’s schedule.

*The Quantity is based on the APPROVED time. Approved time is based on clocked and verified time for providers. LIP providers is based on schedule.

*You will also see you mileage, travel, and other premiums and memos here.

More detail? Less?

You may shift your view by filtering by different items such as client, date, etc. 

Payday is every other Thursday for employees receiving direct deposit. For employees having their checks mailed they will be mailed on or before the direct deposit payday. 

Time Off Request - Paid Time Off Activation and Increase Request - Employee Evaluation Request 

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