Result Monitoring



When considering a client and family wellbeing keep in mind the following risk factors as these can create situations that need intervention in order to support the wellbeing of all those involved. Disabilities tend to be on risk factor lists, we are looking for ways to help support our community so the frequency of harm and undue stress is reduced.


  • Family stress/dysfunction.
  • Environmental risks, including presence of a firearm in the home.
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Unstable financial / resources
  • Situational crises (i.e., traumatic death of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse, family violence, etc.).
  • Preoccupation with death.
  • Changes in behavior, appearance, thoughts and/or feelings.


When considering a client and family wellbeing keep in mind ways to build resiliency. The more resiliency we have as individuals and as a community the healthier and more adaptable we tend to be.


  • Family support and cohesion, including good communication.
  • Peer support and close social networks.
  • School, family and community connectedness.
  • Cultural or faith beliefs that strengthen parent/child relations.
  • Adaptive coping and problem-solving skills, including conflict-resolution.
  • General life satisfaction, good self-esteem, sense of purpose.
  • Refusal skills to avoid risky behavior.
  • Parent monitoring of social media, computer and cell phone use.


Remember, this is not just about clients and their family… it is about all of us. If you as a provider are experiencing risk factors consider nurturing something to increase your resiliency, including reaching out to your community, the agency, etc. for support.


Start of Policy


Comprehensive system of monitoring services and supports including regular on-site monitoring (8.602.1, 8.607.6)


Quarterly and bi-monthly result monitoring may be completed in a variety of ways, ANGELS core team will determine how each result monitoring is conducted. Such as by phone, scomm, in-person, distantly, review of contact notes, etc.


  • At least once a year each contractor will receive an announced or unannounced result monitoring visit
  • At least once a year each client will receive an on-site monitoring
    • On-site monitoring may be at the preferred location for the client
    • On-site monitoring may be conducted digitally through a camera communication system, video is required
  • At least once a year each host home will receive an announced or unannounced result monitoring visit
  • We are willing to collaborate with case management companies who conduct quarterly reviews if the client would prefer less appointments in order to meet the on-site monitoring requirement.
  • Frequency of monitoring may be adjusted according to client need.
  • For host home recipients video or on-site monitoring will review environments to ensure cleanliness and safety both prior to initial service provision and at least bi-monthly and make be conducted by any agent.
  • For those who self -administer medication, quarterly reviews of regimens will take place in order to determine if regimen is being followed according to doctor's orders. (ONLY APPLIES TO IRSS CLIENTS)


During results monitoring ANGELS will be monitoring the following: -Per regulation: in order to evaluate consumer satisfaction with services and supports no less than every three (3) years. If consumer wishes to decline formatting the agency will be flexible in order to accommodate client's needs.


  • The results of services and supports identified in the Individualized Plan
  • The health, safety and welfare of individuals
  • The satisfaction with results of services and providers


Clients and families who are well established without active needs will also have a quick review option to be able to say all is well and move on without providing details if they so choose.


What might be reviewed during the detailed portion include:


  • Do you have an established schedule with your provider?
  • Does your established schedule include a certain amount of flexibility? If so, please list.
  • Is your provider reliable, such as do they come when scheduled and stay the agreed upon time?
  • Is your provider focused on care when present at sessions?
  • Does your provider verify services and notes with you at the end of each session?
  • Are there any needs / wants you have related to your services, such as changes?
  • Are there any needs / wants you have that are NOT related to you services, such as help finding a resource?
  • How would you rate satisfaction with your provider?
  • How would you rate your satisfaction with service?


For persons receiving services ANGELS shall provide, at minimum bi-monthly monitoring with providers.


ANGELS may impose intermediate restrictions or conditions on a contract that may include the following if result monitoring or other reports indicate that contractual obligations are not being met:

  • Required contact with Resolution and Review
  • Heightened result monitoring by ANGELS
  • Remediated contract with remediated contract rate sheet
  • Required documentation of further education in relation to services without satisfactory results
  • Complying with a directed written plan to correct the violation


This policy is reflected in the following section of ANGELS contract:


Services & Inspection
        · Contractors will provide services in accordance with the individualized service plan governed by the rules and regulations provided by the state of Colorado which are reflected in ANGELS policies and procedures. -Colorado rules and regulations including the Business Associate Agreement.
        · ICs shall permit access to sessions, or cooperate with request for information such as a phone call, meeting, or report, to ANGELS, the CCB, the State of Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and any other duly authorized agent or governmental agency including the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.
        · Have access to any place where service is being provided at any reasonable time during the term of this contract to observe the operation of the programs carried on by the Contractor with or without notice.
        · The Contractor shall submit any final Plans of Correction required to ANGELS within 24 hours of a request and respond to request for client / provider information within 24 hours.
        · ICs may provide any of the services for which the credentials and contract demands are met that ANGELS is qualified to provide.
                ICs will,
        · Provide information for the development of the service plan.
        · Document methods and procedures used and outcome on session data and reviews.
        · Provide necessary support to client / caregiver to achieve the outcomes identified in the service plan.
        · Determine how plans are implemented to gain the desired results. 

Published April 2018