3. Volunteer or Natural Support

Click it to get details and to open the form in order to submit each item Natural Supports please submit the following:
Biographical Resume or Family Story if you are a family or friend caregiver
2 References

Dear family, friend, and neighbors who want to support those with disabilities. We are happy to support you so that you can offer the care that you want to. After you submit your background we will schedule a time to talk and see exactly what it is you need in order to participate. If this is a new goal for you and you don't already have a family member or friend you want to support but want to meet individuals with disabilities who could use your support please highlight that in the background link above.

Things we may need include....

Agency Orientation for volunteers

 Essential Mandated Minimal Training

6 Service Types Review

7 BLS Certification (CPR with 1st Aid is okay too)

9 Permission to Run Background Checks and ID

10  Plus any relevant licenses (skip if it does apply)

11 FBI Fingerprint Background (after interview only)

***There will be in person training required as well. 

------------------- Depending on your specific duties you may or may not be required to complete the following --------------------


Car Insurance

DMV Report

Drivers License

Car Safety Check

*Here is a car safety check form that you may use. We will also accept one from your mechanic or another state safety inspection form. 

Hosting Clients at Home/Office

Multi-Hazard Safety Training with Safety Plan

Please have each resident of the home who is 18 or older complete the permission to run background checks

Location Review (We will do this with you)

Medication Administration

QMAP State Training Verification (We will check this, if you have not already done this we will send you a link to classes)

QMAP Review

Hands On Care

HCA Competency > Completed in Person

Flu Vaccine