Pediatric, Infant, & Special Needs Massage

Massage is beneficial to individuals 3 weeks and older who are healthy. For children and adults who have medical needs massage is often beneficial with easing symptoms with a few exceptions. We will discuss the details and create a plan that is appropriate for the situation.


Caregiver Education

Infant massage instruction is provided one on one or in a class setting. For a class setting is is a series of four one-hour classes. For one on one it is a series of three classes. 

We will cover the many benefits of massage, techniques, and when to & when not to massage your baby.

Sessions are also available to help treat the symptoms of colic on a one to one basis.

Private and class sessions are available to learn techniques to treat common childhood ailments.

*Toddler, preschool, school-age and adolescent instruction is available.

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage is for all children. Sessions are in home and include helping the children learn to set boundaries by actively providing consent prior to each massage. They learn how to describe what they like and to listen to how their bodies feel along with all the benefits massage has to offer. 

The massage session will vary for each child. Your child will have a massage session that is catered specifically for them. They will have their own personal bottle of oil. Toys will also be available to enhance the sensory experience of the massage, create familiarity for the child, and add to the enjoyment of the session through play and storytelling.

Accessible Massage

Accessible massage is for children and adults who have physical, medical, or mental /cognitive accessibility needs. These sessions are provide in home to reduce the stress of transportation so that each individual may better enjoy the benefits of their massage. 

We will do an intake to determine the details of what is needed to reach individual goals. Depending on the type of special needs a doctor's release may be required.

Funding is available through the multiple Medicaid waivers. 

Research Shows Massage Helps Children with Autism

*Individuals who have autism can experience all the benefits massage offers as a whole. Research also shown that in massage may also help in these areas below.

*May decrease touch aversion.

*May increase on-task behavior.

*May increase social relatedness.

*May enhance emotional & physical bond between parent and child.

*May decrease aggressive behavior.

*May help alleviate motor problems.

*May increase attentiveness.

*May reduce stimming or stereotypical behaviors.

*May reduce hyperactivity.

*Studies available upon request.

Research Shows Massage Benefits

*Massage may help your child fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and sleep better.

*Massage may help increase weight gain for those who need it.

*Massage may help increase attention and IQ exam scores.

*Massage may increase parental bonding.

*Massage may decrease stress hormones and increase oxytocin and serotonin (feel good hormones.

*Massage may help decrease bowl discomfort.

*Massage may help children with autism in sensory needs, bonding, and communicating.

*May ease the symptoms of childhood ailments such as congestion, teething, growing pains, colic, and more.

*May reduce pain.


We will talk with you about your needs and plan your services with your doctors and therapists to make sure you and your child receive exactly what is needed.