Applicable standard or regulation
A(8.602.1, 8.607.6) 6 CCR 1011-1 Chap 26 6.9


It is the policy of Angels Service LLC that all persons receiving services, parents, or legal guardians shall be offered a means for a timely resolution of conflicts as appropriate. The use of this procedure shall not prejudice the future provision of appropriate services to the individual in need of and/or receiving services.

This conflict resolution procedure shall be explained by the provider to all persons receiving services or applicants for services and their parents, guardian, or authorized representative at the time an application for service is made and any time changes to the procedure occur.



  • If the person receiving services wishes to make a complaint, and they cannot write, the person hearing the report shall write a report of the complaint on behalf of the person. If the complaint is received in written form, the person receiving the report shall sign his/her own name as well as the day, month, and year the report is received on the document. If any changes or additions are made by the person at request of the person receiving services, the person shall initial these on the document.
  • A person hearing the report may be any provider, a family member, friend, case manager, or any other person that a client may request.
  • If a provider is hearing a report it is mandatory that they forward the report to the proper authority in accordance to MANE (if it falls into that category) or using this procedure.
  • Any complaint report received shall be hand delivered or uploaded using the complaint / praise form with confirmation phone call by the receiving individual to the owner within 12 hours. https://hipaa.jotform.com/81085013484150
  • The owner shall conduct an investigation of the complaint and complete a written evaluation of the findings within 3 working days of receipt of the complaint. The evaluation report shall be given to the person receiving services, parents, or legal guardian immediately following completion if appropriate, they may receive shortened report.
  • If the person receiving services, parent, guardian, or authorized representative is not satisfied with the evaluation or findings, they may request that a meeting of all involved parties or their representatives be scheduled within 15 days of original receipt of the complaint to find a mutually acceptable solution.
  • Mediation may be used if both parties voluntarily agree to this process.
  • If the grievance cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties by informal negotiation, the person receiving services, parent, legal guardian, or authorized representative may request a formal hearing with the Director for
  • The Director will convene a formal hearing of the appeal within seven working days of notification of failure to resolve the dispute by informal means.
  • No individual shall be coerced, intimidated, threatened or retaliated against because the individual has exercised his or her right to file a grievance or has participated in the grievance process.


Complaint Log

As of August 2018 all complaints will be logged in a graphable format in our digital administrative caretaking file for review and analysis. These records will be kept for at LEAST for two years and available for inspection without notice.



As of August 2018 complaints may require an action plan, termination of contract, or remediation dependent on the details.


Discharge due to incident:


If the discharge is essential to protect the well-being of the contractor case management will be notified for all clients and if receiving Home Health Care Agency License B services CDHPE will be notified within 24 hours.


If a client is discharged who requires and desires the continuous of paid services and there are no known transfer arrangements the agency will notify the case manager and if receiving Home Health Care Agency License B services CDHPE will be notified within 24 hours.


We will offer assistance and provide due diligence in the transfer process.



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Published 12/29/2016 by Serena Akinahew