Support of Additional Community Involvement

Effective: March 1st 2018


To celebrate our first year anniversary we want to enhance the part we play.


Part of Angels Service LLC's purpose is to support the community. We each participate in our community in different ways. Angels is in the place where we can offer a small thank you to those independent contractors who are active in the community.


For each act of community involvement that is an unpaid service providers may redeem a 1% contract percent reimbursement rate to one month of their service. Up to five percent increases may be redeemed at once.


If an event if significant and a contractor would like to purpose one act of involvement equate to multiple events they may make a proposal.


Examples of community involvement:

  • Providing a completed project to Rhode Hawk Limited
    • All rights to completed projects belong to Angels Service LLC
  • Volunteer with Easter Seals Rocky Mountain Village or Respite Program
    • Weekend camp = 3%, summer week =5%
  • Mentoring a another provider
  • Consulting on another's case
  • Offering translation services
  • Hosting a table at a fair
  • Offering non-funded support to a client / family
  • Educational presentation to independent contractors
  • Formal pro-tip write up


Each community involvement needs to be pre-approved from Angels Service LLC prior to participation in order to be eligible for percent increase.


Exception: Rhode Hawk Limited has the ability to authorize projects.

Updated 1/16/18