Personnel record 6.11, chapter 26, Personnel- Credential Check DORA 6.11 C

If there are questions regarding the process or you would like to discuss our model please reach out to us at 720-256-8875

In order to get to know us or our community:

00. Shadowing Experience (optional depending on experience)

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL OF THE ABOVE PLEASE EMAIL ANGELSSERVICELLC@GMAIL.COM WITH THE SUBJECT LINE "FILE REVIEW REQUEST" This is super important as it gives us the chance to confirm everything is ready for you to start meeting clients! <3

Interviews will be scheduled after you submit your resume and your references. If you have not heard from us in 2 weeks please call to follow up. The on boarding process can take between 3 weeks and 4 months depending on services offered, timeliness of collaborator, and current active community needs. For example, if we you are the only person joining then the process will be quicker vs if 5 people are joining at the same time. If you are a family care giver or currently have clients and there is a sensitive situation that may compromise the well being of your family / clients please make sure we know that so we can prioritize your documentation. 

If you are doing any of the following there are additional requirements. 

  • Driving Clients
  • Hosting Clients in Your Home/Office
  • Helping with Medications
  • Providing Hands On Care for Activities of Daily Living
  • Providing a Host Home Environment
  • Providing Community Connection Services 

What is your role?
*Return here to submit additional credentials throughout your employment such as renewed CPR certification*

Background Checks We Run (There are 5)

12 CBI Background

12 Medicaid List of Exclusion Check

12 DORA Namecheck

12 APS Check 

12 FBI National Fingerprint Based Background Check

Internal Use Only

Provider Division



*For those providing hands on care, competency documentation must be provided, this may be provided initially by means of documentation of schooling, training at an organization, or a competency workshop and then competency workshops are required annually afterwards.


Effective date is listed officially as the first time a provider logs into the software system and agrees to their contract with a service start date listed as the date they first provide service.


Termination date is when they were deactivated in the system.



We review each potential collaborator request to determine if they have experience relevant to the IDD community. This may be in the form of personal experience, training (formal or informal), volunteer experience or a combination. For those who are highly interested in the field but do not have experience we will evaluate their ability to learn and absorb training in order to serve our community.

Rather than a quantity of experience we are seeking an ability to fulfill the contracts, service plans, and ability to adapt with a foundation of kindness and honor. As our community need is diverse so will the be the qualifiers for a collaborator. There is specifically room for a provider and client to request a harmonious pairing with limited to no experience due to the fact that the provider and client wish to work and learn together so long as the service plan goals can be met and the provider is open to instruction.


For those providing more complicated services or licensed services, service specific credentials and education are required. Details are determined by individual client's needed.


For training the required nursing oversight and competency (as required for gtubes) review we will completed by a hired or contract nurse or client's personal medical team. If the client has an established relationship with a medical professional we will attempt to work with them to support continuity of care first. Competency documentation will be determined by the medical professional.

Helpful Note:

***Special note: Some income may NOT be taxable, IRS 2014-7