Employment Providing Direct Care as a Care Partner

Application Process

You're Hired! Let's Do Paperwork



Basic Training :)

*Any mention of Therap please disregard; we have shifted systems but have not gotten all documents updated. 
*Make sure you keep track of the time required to complete these as we will need to add that to the schedule for you!

Vital Documents

On our home page you will see two buttons at the top. I'm an employee and memos. Make sure you a are familiar with them. Memos will include things from the state and I'm and employee include things such as:

*You'll need to go there in order to activate your direct deposit.

Extras you may need to do depending on the details of your client's needs and location.

Hosting Clients at Home/Office

Multi-Hazard Safety Training with Safety Plan

Please have each resident of the home who is 18 or older complete the permission to run background checks

Location Review (We will do this with you)

Medication Administration

QMAP State Training Verification (We will check this, if you have not already done this we will send you a link to classes)

QMAP Review

Hands On Care

HCA Competency Skills Validation Part 1

*As you complete this CMS written Skills Validation you will need to generalize terminology as they wrote it with facilities in mind. Also understand that you are completing it as a personal care worker NOT a nursing assistant. When you work you must remain within the personal care workers scope of practice. 

Once you have completed Part 1 please click here and upload your documents