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Therap written initial guide with screenshots and notes.

Therap video initial guide.

Angels Service LLC quick guide. 

Secured Email (where all reports, billing summaries, inquires, etc. are sent):

Sign into your Therap Account (Main Therap Account, NOT JUST THE THERAP APP) in order to review scomms (HIPAA compliant communication, will have required knowledge updates, referrals, etc.)

Video on scomm

Written review of scomm

Tlogs: Client sensitive notes, notes outside of sessions, schedule updates, file updates, etc. 


When something happens that needs a GER, general report (incident report) needs to be filed. Examples, falls, bruises, hospital visits, theft, etc. 


Acknowledge your plans from within the main Therapy account and see other updates:

Acknowledging Plans, required in order to log data in app

How to find your clients:

Individual Home Page

Make sure to review ALL of the client's file prior to visiting a client including when it is updated. This is your required person specific training and where updates will be filed. If you miss an update you may be out of compliance, a client's well being may be impacted, your ability to be reimbursed may be impacted.

Update YOUR profile - address, password, emergency contacts, etc. (details above in Therap Written guide)

Settings Tab

Prior to starting services with a client make sure all steps in the initiation process our complete!