Feel free to call at any time to ask questions before or after you start the process.

I would like to shadow.

Shadow Request (Have ID and CBI background check ready to upload)

Part One: Establishing Interest

Complete your initial application 

Have the following documentation ready to upload your  

1. Cover letter (optional)
2. Resume or curriculum vitae (optional) 
3. Three references (letters preferred) (required)

After the initial application has been reviewed (one to two weeks generally) a phone conference or face to face meeting will be scheduled to explore your philosophy and the potential match between yourself and Angels Service LLC. 

Contractors wishing to provide massage therapy you will be working with Christianne, while those providing respite + services you will be working with Berta.

If it is determined that there is expectation of success then you will be instructed to complete the orientation portion of the application.

As we talk with you, call your references, we will also check the Excluded provider listColorado Sex Offender Registry, and the National Sex Offender Registry. 

Part Two: Making a Commitment

Congratulations, your file review and conference has qualified you to move onto the next step in the process. Orientation. 

The purpose of orientation is to make sure that everyone has the required minimal knowledge in order to serve our shared clients and remain in compliance with current rules and regulations. 

You may complete the orientation digitally at your own pace or you may request a face to face walk through. I would like a face to face orientation walk through.

All the answers to the orientation are found here:

Policies & Procedures and Required Knowledge Resources

I am ready to make a commitment to my community and complete the orientation

Have the following documents ready to upload, these are all required:

3. First Aide and CPR (including children) certificate

After completing your orientation please watch our  Welcome Video prior to moving on to part three.

Part Three: Make it Official (Independent Contractors)

I am prepared and ready to start. Let me review my contract and submit my business documents. 

Documents Required:

1. W-9

2.  FBI fingerprint background check 

3. CBI background Chec

3.  Colorado business registration

4. Government ID

5. Any required licenses, such as massage therapy

6. Liability Insurance

7. Privacy / HIPAA insurance

We are happy to have you here as part of the community! Please gather all your documentation prior to starting so that they are ready to upload. If you have any questions, as always, reach out. 

Notes regarding required insurance:
  • Privacy Insurance (50 thousand per occurrence minimum) --- (If you get liability insurance with the company above, privacy insurance is included, if you need standalone privacy insurance you can email:  Kelsey.simms@cptins.com - it does not have to be from this company) 

If you are going to drive clients in your car, provide services in your home, or administer medication there are additional requirements, see below.

Drivers are Required to Provide

  • Car Insurance with the following minimums
    • Bodily Injury, 100,000 each person and 300,000 each accident
    • Property Damage, 100,000 each accident
    • Medical Payments, $5000 each person
    • Uninsured Motorists, $25,000 each person, $50,000 each accident
  • Copy of your Drivers License
  •  Documentation of a road trip safety check

Forms for Current Agents